The Ridgeway

Wendover is on the route for walkers ‘doing’ The Ridgeway, about a third of the way (or two-thirds, depending which way round you are going) on the Hastoe to Chinnor stage.

A popular stop-off for a coffee, a beer, a bite to eat, or to stock up with provisions or buy the daily paper. The same can be said for day-walkers (and cyclists!), up on the train, perhaps – or visitors from The Vale, out for a day in Wendover Woods or enjoying the walks on, and views from Coombe Hill and The Monument.

The White Swan welcomes walkers of all ages – muddy boots are absolutely not a problem! Dogs are welcome, too, but do be aware that we have a number of ‘pub regular’ dogs, so a brief period of getting-to-know-each-other is to be allowed for.

The White Swan does not serve food, but here’s the thing: unlike a lot of pubs we are perfectly happy for you to visit the local store, the Bakers Shop (just a few yards from our back door), the local chippy, or whatever, and to then bring your grub back in and enjoy it with your beer. Or a cup of tea, too, which we can definitely do for you, if you prefer. It will be in a mug, though! If you do decide to eat your chips at the bar, you’ll likely lose a couple – but to be fair, if one of the regulars is cutting up a pork-pie or slab of cheese at the bar, you’ll equally be invited to share!

Accommodation can be a challenge in this area for Ridgeway walkers, but we’re more than happy to help out with what we know of the area, B&B’s that might be worth a try, and so on. It’s not unknown for a local farmer to be on the premises, in which case you might be lucky and get a pointer to a corner of a field which would be suitable for a tent “just for the night” (o;