Guest beer – Fullers Quintessential Pale Ale

IMG_0800 A smashing ‘seasonal’ ale from Fullers, the Quintessential British Pale Ale fairly flew off the pumps, and was quickly gone – all too quickly, so more, please landlord!

Fullers say that this 3.8% ABV is “light in colour with a floral and slightly fruity aroma. Biscuit notes on the palate give way to a hoppy, bitter finish” – definitely a session beer, as the rapidly emptying cask proved.

A new beer this year, we think, for Fullers – so hasn’t got much to say on it yet (nor has anyone else, for that matter), but we have only one thing to say about it: More please, sir!!!

quintessentialWent down very nicely with a chunk of Cornish Coastal Cheddar, apparently. [Don’t be put off by the ESB-branded goblet… it’s the guest-ale taster’s preferred glassware. (o:

{edit: bit of a write up, here in That Jester hop again, eh? We’re seeing that in a few of our recent guests!}