Guest beer – Lacons Affinity

IMG_0786From Lacons Great Yarmouth-based brewery, Affinity is a 4.8% ABV that is “robustly full bodied with a glistening chestnut tint, the ale’s complex passion fruit and lychee tartness leaps forward, closely followed by a perfectly charming balance of fruit and malt on the finish”.

At 4.8% ABV, Affinity has even tempted a few of the regulars away from their favoured ESB! A Gold Award winner – and a thumbs-up from us. Quite a complex mouthful – one of those beers where you maybe shouldn’t form too quick an opinion based on the first mouthful.

Bit of an interesting story behind the Lacons beers – they shut down a good few years ago, but had the foresight to put their yeast cultures on ice at the National Collection of Yeast Cultures. A bit of a defrost later, and here they are, being enjoyed anew! More on that here.