Guest beer – Dan Cooper’s Jester

IMG_0784There’s a bit of a local twist to this particular guest beer. We’re hoping that someone might wander in and tell us the full story, but a good few years back, Wendover had its own brewery, just over the road from The White Swan. Now the son of one of The Swan’s regulars, grandson of one of those last Wendover brewers , decided it was time he tried his hand at the family trade (the surname gives the family trade away!) – and set about brewing Dan Cooper’s Jester.

We don’t have too much info on this beer, which had a “two-barrel” innings on our guest pump, but the beer pump badge points us in the direction of Hook Norton’s ‘Crafty Ales’.

Hopefully Dan, or his dad, will take a moment away from supping the other guests and tell us the full story!