Guest beer – Long Man Brewery – Long Blonde

IMG_0771July 2015

What about that? Two beers branded with chalk hill figures, back to back. We are fond of our chalk hill figures around these parts – off with the Uffington White Horse, and on with the Long Man of Wilmington.

Long Man Brewery tell us that their Long Blonde is “A light coloured golden Ale with a distinctive hoppy aroma and crisp clean bitterness on the finish. Smooth light and refreshing”.

There can be some suspicious muttering at the bar when we read about our upcoming beers and see descriptions such as “citrus-y” and “biscuit-y” because these beers can sometimes leave too much of an aftertaste, and we prefer our grapefruit for breakfast and biscuits with our cuppa, but Long Blonde was a good ‘un – 3.8% = well drinkable.

Overall rating of 11/20 over at – we reckon it deserves better than that, and Long Blonde will be welcomed back again next year, thank you very much!