Guest beer – White Horse Brewery – Wayland Smithy

IMG_0769July 2015 – Hard not to like this one, with a local affection for the magnificent White Horse at Uffington – how could any beer carrying this emblem be anything other than superb?

White Horse Brewery’s Wayland Smithy didn’t disappoint. At 4.4%, very drinkable, maybe a tad stronger than the usual guest ‘summer session’ beers on the guest pump, but no-one in The White Swan was grumbling about that.

The brewers tell us “the power of the blacksmith is legendary, and this beer combines the best ingredients money can buy with the skills of the traditional brewer to create a hammering good beer”.

If you’re wondering about the blacksmith (or Wayland, come to that) nip over to wikipedia to read up on this Neolithic long barrow, which has it’s own very special atmosphere and plenty of associated local legends and superstitions. If you visit, remember to leave a gift for Wayland the Smith – perhaps a drop of your beer!

No scores on the doors yet, not at, nor over at – perhaps, like us, they were too busy drinking it to worry about awarding stars or points!