Guest beer – St. Austell’s Tribute

IMG_0626June 2015

The arrival of St. Austell’s Tribute (4.2% abv) on the guest pump has been eagerly awaited – so much so that the boss ordered two barrels, because it’s bound to be popular (especially as the temperatures finally start to rise – just in time for the Summer Solstice).

Some of the locals have even been seen to switch from their favoured ESB pump, such is the quality of this ale.

St. Austell’s say this beer “is a perfect accompaniment to chicken, gammon or fish. The ideal alternative to a fine white wine.” We don’t know about that, but it went down pretty well with a pork pie, and some stonking Tracklement’s horseradish mustard.

Surprisingly low score on – given the speed at which the first barrel of this stuff is going.

Bit of a back story on St. Austell’s winner here: